VanBragt.Net Consultancy can offer several services to get your ICT infrastructure and employees to a higher level.

•    Consultancy

Via the Consultancy service Wilco can be hired in the role as technical consultant, architect or technical project leader for project based on the expertise of Wilco.
Wilco offers a significant added value for such projects through extensive technical knowledge, enthusiasm, decisiveness and empathy. Furthermore, VanBragt.Net Consultancy is a fully independent company, because VanBragt.Net Consultancy does not sell hardware or software.
The consultancy service can consist of writing project documents (Project brief, PID, Progress Reports), advice, writing a Technical Design, building the infrastructure, handing over the infrastructure or a combination of these operations.

•    Technologie Updates

The ICT market is developing rapidly. New technologies are presented continuously and products are constantly being improved, extended and renamed. More than enough ingredients to lose the focus. Besides, you do not have the time (or money) to visit all the relevant conferences, seminars and presentations, which also often have a commercial tinge to them. Use the VanBragt.Net Consultancy Technology Update to stay in focus. We attend all the relevant conferences and seminars, so we can collate all the relevant information and present this to your ICT organization in a one day Technology Update at your location, and tuned to your specific needs and wishes.

•    Trainingen/Workshops

The big suppliers have their own training courses and workshops. However, many people find such courses very general, and lacking in practical experiences and realistic situations. This means that they still find it hard to maintain the IT infrastructures. VanBragt.Net Consultancy BV has many years of experience and can translate this experience into a training course or workshop based on real practices and realistic situations, based on best practices. Also challenges and oddities of the product are taken into account, which are not mentioned in the default training. Such courses are tailored to your wishes and to the actual components in your infrastructure.

•    Quick Scan

Is your infrastructure is performing optimally? Which components may need to be adjusted to get a better environment for the end users? Such questions can be evaluated by VanBragt.Net Consultancy BV via the Quick Scan service. In a Quick Scan, your infrastructure is analyzed in a couple of days by Wilco van Bragt on location. Besides researching the infrastructure itself, several interviews will also be conducted at several levels of your organization structure. Following this analysis, a report is delivered describing all the components in your infrastructure and their strengths and risks, and with recommendations to resolve those risks. The results will also be presented to you in person.

•    Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems in your current environment and cannot get a grip on it, then VanBragt.Net Consultancy BV is the right partner for you. Through many years of experience, extensive technical knowledge and a fresh perspective, Wilco van Bragt will analyze the problems and try to solve them, together with you (and your colleagues). During the troubleshooting process, the focus will be on finding the bottleneck and determining a method to eliminate it. Troubleshooting topics can be performance, profiles, "hanging" servers, connection drop outs and many more. Apart from solving the direct problem, it is recommended to analyze the whole infrastructure in detail to prevent the return of similar problems. For this purpose the quick scan service is available.

•    Author

For a long time now, Wilco van Bragt has been writing much appreciated and well received reviews and articles related to virtualization on his website VanBragt.Net Virtualization and other well-known websites like Writing articles is one of Wilco's favorite activities, so do contact us if you want him to write one or more articles within his expertise for your magazine or website. Writing can be done in Dutch or English. If you are a supplier, Wilco van Bragt can review your product. A review will be published on VanBragt.Net Virtualization. Furthermore, his unprejudiced, independent eye can provide surprising insights that can help you improve and optimize your product. We can also write a detailed white paper about the possibilities and functionalities of your product.

•    Presentations

Wilco van Bragt is a well-known speaker at events such as the BriForum, Citrix Synergy, NGN, DuCUG and E2E VC. Are you are organizer of an event about virtualization and looking for an independent speaker with fame and technical experiences? Wilco van Bragt is the right partner for you. If you are a supplier of products it can be interesting to show your product by an independent person at your customers.

•    Future Plan

A good infrastructure does not only fulfill all the current needs and wishes of the organization, it also foresees future needs. Wilco van Bragt has developed the Future Plan service to help you address this issue. This service is a workshop/brainstorm session of one to three days at your organization about the following topics:

  • The current ICT infrastructure
  • Bottlenecks in the current environment
  • Trends and future visions in the ICT market
  • Trends and future expected wishes and demands in your organization
  • Future Plan for your infrastructure

Wilco van Bragt will present the results of this workshop to you in person, and will provide a written report.

•    Technische Design

A new infrastructure starts with a Technical Design. The starting points of a Technical Design are the functional and technical wishes and demands. A Technical Design describes the new infrastructure in detail, including the adopted products and techniques and the required hardware and software. Your Technical Design is the basis for building your infrastructure. Wilco van Bragt as extensive experience in writing Technical Designs with a focus on virtualization and is the right partner to write your Technical Design.

•    Proof of Concept

Before you are going to update your infrastructure you want to be sure that the considered products satisfies your needs. A Proof of Concept is an excellent mechanism. A Proof of Concept is the ideal way to get insights in a product and your employees can already become familiar with the new products and prevents issues and challenges during the real production implementation.